Video: Pamela Rodríguez - "Ligera Love"

“It takes me back to so many artists I like that it’s impossible not to surrender to her charms,” says the always spot-on El Amarill0 referring to new Peruvian indie-pop darling, Pamela Rodríguez. She’s got a little of Natalia Lafourcade, bits of Francisca Valenzuela, and seems to be a very close cousin to Ana Laan. A best new artist nominee at the 2006 Latin Grammys (seriously, who knew?), she seems to be on her way to finding the cultural and critical credentials most LARAS members don’t ever aspire to. Folk-inflected pop is greasy enough by itself, but it’s even more dangerous when you add colorful feathery aesthetics to the equation. Being the visual-invertebrate buff that I am, I was ready to hit Safari’s red bubble very early in the oh-so-catchy “Ligera Love.” The flowery setting was expected, but when that synchronized mask hop showed up, well, let’s just say it’s a regression from our quest to find pop progress. Thankfully, director Anais Blondet juxtaposes the sugary sequences with other sexually suggestive shots that are worth the washing machine ride. "Ligera Love" is open for download (in the exchange of an email) and is the first single off Rodríguez's third album, Reconocer.


  1. I won't lie... my first reaction was disappointment mainly because I have her first 2 albums and they are very different. Pamela's albums Peru Blue and En La Orilla were both modern Peruvian criolla albums. Mixing the coastal criolla rhythms with afro peruvian and jazz and pop. I loved those albums and both had absolutely heartbreaking made me cry moments in "En El Silencio" and "Me Estas Sentiendo". So I was actually just listening to her yesterday and was hoping for a new album but it appears the album coming will be a very different affair. Don't get me wrong, Pamela is an amazing songwriter and I am sure it will be good, I just wish it was a different type of album. I guess i'll get over it. I don't blame her either, even in Peru very few people had heard of her outside of a few upper class suburbs and that was even after she'd been given a Latin Grammy nomination. And this new style will mean she will still be unknown in Peru but it seems she has Mexico and Chile on her list of countries to conquer. Looking forward to hearing the album but the first song sounds too much like Lafourcade for my liking... we already have one who is brilliant don't need another one.

  2. No puedo creer que sea la misma niña que susurraba covers de Chabuca Granda hace unos años, necesitaba un baño pop!

  3. I think this comment on the song is very superficial. Saying that she sounds like Lafourcade is unfair knowing that there is a ton of female singersongwriters doing this style not only in spanish ej: Regina Spektor, Feist, kate Nash, Ivana C, emiliana Torrini. (I could write forever) To me Lafourcade sounds a lot like Ani Diffranco and Bjork for my own taste (Lafourcades almbum is calle uh uh uh and Ani Difrancos up up up....that is a huge coincidence? huh? ) and that does not make me not like Lafourcade, I love her and i think she is brilliant beacause despite her influences, that all artist have. I just think its not necessary to be a snob and try to invent something new, or to be a snob by listening and trying to find somethig new in everything. Most things have already been invented, There are only 12 notes on the chromatic scale in western music. Right? And we are all influenced by something. I know Pamelas music really well... and she is one of the most creative humble and great musicians in Perú. Hope you guys in this blog really get to listen in a profound way to her musical proposa (and to all musicians please)l...I am very impressed she has been brave to change styles, ans she is talking about social and women issues very few peaople sing in peru and Latin America , her lyrics are amazing. That is something that makes her different, that she is idealogical, not just talking about her frustrating love affairs that most people sing to. Sorry, i just had to say this cause i though you were a little on the tip of the iceberg and Im just trying to round up a more objective perspective. Take care guys.

  4. Agree with everything you said (except for the the 12-note scale, 'cause that got demolished by "the virtual window" like a decade ago). But if you go back and read carefully, you would see that I was PRAISING the fact that this song makes her part of this league of wonderful musicians. Sure, comparisons make some people uncomfortable, but that doesn't make my blurb "superficial."

  5. Carlos Reyes, I was writing back to Daniel FlamencosO. Cause I believe that the phrase "we already have one who is brilliant, we dont need another one" is very unfair. If we would apply this to every style or genre we could only keep one out of so many people that choose the same musical train and that are brilliant in their own way.
    You made me laugh with the virtual mindow...of course I heard about that. But I meant 12 tone scale in popular western music that makes all of their musicians more limited but not less authentic.
    Comparisons should never make anyone uncomfortable, but they become a problem when they not let you see one authentic artists in the same genre have on the inside.
    Take care. Yo have a new fan of your blog in Perú.
    My name is Carlos Diaz btw

  6. I looooooove this video of LIGERA LOVE , and of course the song !!!!!
    it's so fun and at the same time is just so perfect in details, and the animals and the dance thing make a perfect combo for the video.
    i can't stop hearing the kidding!!!

    This new album RECONOCER is just amazing, i love her and i love all the songs , the lyrics and everything about her and the album, she is so natural and such a great songwriter, i mean she can make u laugh and cry in her songs.

    So i think that we shouldn't compare, just enjoy and have fun with it !!!!!!
    i hope she released another video soon and please came to California !!! :)

    Xoxo !!!!

  7. Vi este video anoche en la televisión!
    Buena música., buena letra, buena estética!
    Quisiera conocerla más!

  8. Yo más bien creo que Pamela suena mucho mas a Joni Mitchel que a las que dicen. Y no me jodan. Natalia Lafourcade es una réplica de Regina Spektor. La canción esa Running too fast es como para demandarla por plagio.