Video: Pamela Rodríguez - "Ligera Love"

“It takes me back to so many artists I like that it’s impossible not to surrender to her charms,” says the always spot-on El Amarill0 referring to new Peruvian indie-pop darling, Pamela Rodríguez. She’s got a little of Natalia Lafourcade, bits of Francisca Valenzuela, and seems to be a very close cousin to Ana Laan. A best new artist nominee at the 2006 Latin Grammys (seriously, who knew?), she seems to be on her way to finding the cultural and critical credentials most LARAS members don’t ever aspire to. Folk-inflected pop is greasy enough by itself, but it’s even more dangerous when you add colorful feathery aesthetics to the equation. Being the visual-invertebrate buff that I am, I was ready to hit Safari’s red bubble very early in the oh-so-catchy “Ligera Love.” The flowery setting was expected, but when that synchronized mask hop showed up, well, let’s just say it’s a regression from our quest to find pop progress. Thankfully, director Anais Blondet juxtaposes the sugary sequences with other sexually suggestive shots that are worth the washing machine ride. "Ligera Love" is open for download (in the exchange of an email) and is the first single off Rodríguez's third album, Reconocer.