Fonocast #7: Last Call

Fonocast #7: Last Call
by Blanca Méndez & Pierre Lestruhaut

The end of the year is a time to reflect on the past year, on events that changed you and the world you live in, on what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve surpassed, on the new relationships you’ve built and perhaps the ones you would like to rebuild. For music nerds, this time of the year is also a time to reflect on the music that made an impact. Whether it was because of their audacity or subtlety, polish or irreverence, production or delivery, there are sounds that stayed with us. And just when you thought we were done reflecting (an 100-song list seems long enough, right?), we’ve got a little more in us. For this podcast, the Club Fonograma staff compiled a playlist of songs that might not have made it on our list (or high enough on our list) but are still worthy of a little recognition.

  • Monte - "Cielo Aparente" (INDEPENDIENTE, COSTA RICA)
  • La Ola Que Quería Ser Chau - "Ey Bonita" (INDEPENDIENTE, ARGENTINA)
  • Babe Florida - "Gigante Vermelha" / "Coleção de Amigos" (TRANSFUSAO NOISE RECORDS, BRAZIL)
  • Ximena Sariñana - "Lies We Live In" (WARNER, MEXICO)
  • Francisca Valenzuela - "Buen Soldado" (SONY, CHILE)
  • Colateral Soundtrack - "Me enamoro cuando" (feat. Apache O'Raspi) (INDEPENDIENTE, MEXICO)
  • Los Poca Soda - "Solo, loco y abandonado" (COCOBASS, BRAZIL)
  • Algodón Egipcio - "El Escapismo" (LEFSE RECORDS, VENEZUELA)
  • Matilda Manzana - "Trópico Del Álgebra" (GRABACIONES AMOR, MEXICO)
  • Fakuta - "Aeropuerto" (MICHITA REX, CHILE)