Turning Torso - "Soma"

Like the Swedish building that shares its name, Turning Torso makes electronic music that appears to descend; each step down reveals a uniform complexity built around a tight dynamic of laptop beats, looped noises, and electric guitar. David Sánchez, the Queretaro-based musician behind this project managed to produce some interesting sounds on last year’s Walker, but too often the songs came off as unfinished sketches; ideas that started off great but rarely took off. Luckily, Sánchez’s latest single “Soma” is not only highly enjoyable, it feels fully realized.

The track is best described as a surreal lounge piece. One can almost hear the elevator music embedded into its genetic code. The foundation of the song, however, is tested as the song spits, expands, and contorts throughout. Oddly enough, the experimentation has a fortifying effect, and what is left is something that is both sleek and memorable. This is one that, as the year’s best singles are beginning to be compiled, should not be forgotten.

♫♫♫ "Soma" | Soundcloud