Video: Daniel Melero - "Supernatural"

Having half of our staff obsessed with teenagers and a majority of us still living the course-by-course campus life, it’s safe to say we’re often blinded by generational attachment. Or at least that’s the feeling I get every time I spin Daniel Melero’s “Tenes,” one of the most beautiful ballads in years – a track that almost makes me start punching the wall for not listing it on 2010’s Best Songs of the Year countdown, in which it deserved a top 10 spot easily. Perhaps it shouldn’t be, but age is a chief constituent when appreciating any art form. Daniel Melero (at 53) does not fit into the mid-twenties artist profile we usually cover, and that’s a good thing. “Supernatural” is the newest single from the eternally avant Melero, who will be releasing his 14th solo production early next year. Directed by Gabriel Rud, the song has an indescribable clip that lingers between the abstract of its frosty visuals and the aroma of its intangible melodies. Daniel Melero, always ethereal, always groso.