Video: Julieta Venegas - "Ya Conocerán"

Closing a cycle after last year’s stupendous Otra Cosa, Julieta Venegas returns with the video for third single “Ya Conocerán.” Unlike the album’s vibrant, upbeat version, Venegas opted to strip the song for the clip into a super moving piano take, which is even more affecting than the original and makes much more sense to its longing spirit and aching reflection about losing someone truly special. Directed by Venegas’ twin sister and photographer Yvonne Venegas and brother-in-law and director Gregory Allen, the black and white clip for the track is touching and simple, relying on powerful shots of citizens whose gazes echo a stream of dichotomy of emotions; the couples’ confidence and affection contrasted with the melancholy and desolation of individuals. Venegas is shown in a room with her piano, beautifully singing her heart out (“Lo que a tu lado fui me lo guardaré/Sólo pido que deje de doler”). Even more gorgeous are those delicate initial and ending shots of her hair blown by the wind.