Video: Bam Bam - "Hipnódromo"

Monterrey’s NRMAL, our favorite music festival in the world, also happens to have a pretty awesome blog. Today they premiered a feast-for-the-eyes video for Bam Bam’s “Hipnódromo,” the second promotional cut off the majestic Futura Via. The band and its instruments take on new forms. If we needed an extra reason to love this band, this is it. This is some deeply hallucinatory scope that plays with all kinds of transportative shapes and multiplying mirrors. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Uvi.Lov’s Santiago Vela (at Proceso Inutil), who seems to be growing into one of Mexico’s most exciting new visual stylists. (He also co-directed his band’s chilling clip, “Las reinas no pueden escoger lo que su corazón quiere.”) In the director’s words, this is “the representation of a person that is about to go crazy, or have a cosmic revelation." Revelatory, indeed.