MP3: Coyoli - "Jofredesa"

A relatively new act within our circuit, Mexican musician Oscar Coyoli has been composing engaging folk music for a couple of years already. Listening to his 2007 release under the unpronounceable and ungoogleable artistic name ((( ))), Una tarde de domingo en la isla de la Grande Jatte (named after Georges Seurat’s iconic painting), the first comparison that came to mind was Phil Elvrum’s work (particularly because their voices sound very similar), mixed with a splash of Beirut’s
Gulag Orkestar. It's a heartwarming effort that remains an underground gem.

Almost five years later, with the help of skillful producer Juan Manuel Torreblanca, Coyoli presents “Jofredesa,” the captivating first cut off his group's second EP (and first simply as Coyoli), Bémot. A breathtaking work of pastoral folk, “Jofredesa” is a piece that beautifully relies on silences and their contemplativeness, which transmits a domestic feeling of somehow, somewhere, having already heard it, as if it had been integrated to your memories for ages and you didn’t even think you'd remember. With the addition of singer Pilar Hernández's significantly moving leading vocals and Andrea Balency’s serene assistance on accordion, “Jofredesa” stands out as a radiant new beginning to a candle-lit path to greatness.