Video: Francisca Valenzuela - "Esta Soy Yo"

Count me in the camp that considers Francisca Valenzuela’s second album, Buen Soldado, to be one of the most underrated records of the past few years. The record’s dedication to the whimsical and carefree are couched in playful melodies that would border on cheese if Valenzuela wasn’t so damn confident singing them.

Her latest video, for “Esta Soy Yo,” continues to illustrate her freewheeling spirit, literally finding Valenzuela showcasing six facets of her personality. And it’s a great allegory for its parent record, actually. It’s a celebration of the kooky and buoyant and isn’t afraid to pour sugar on your head. So go ahead, throw paint or blast her into space if you will—Valenzuela is gonna follow that yellow brick road to wherever she damn well pleases.