Video: Alex Anwandter - "Tatuaje"

Just a few days before his long-awaited presentations at Festival Nrmal and SXSW become a reality, Chilean pop virtuoso Alex Anwandter unveils the video of
Rebeldes' beautifully aching lead single, “Tatuaje.” In this finely shot black and white clip, which evokes the gray season the singer went through, Anwandter performs his painful declaration in a room with mannequins, with lighting illuminating half of his face and reinforcing the song's intimacy. At one point, after singing his throbbing reflection to the camera, he even recreates the album cover and gently takes his ex-lover's hand off his shoulder. “Eres perfecto," he reveals while we get the only glimpse of color of the video, as a hand's nails get done. The songs in Rebeldes possess noticeable straightforward pop qualities and a very personal feeling to them, as personal as the sigh-inducing symbolic message of the artist's left arm heart tattoo, “para siempre.”