Blanca Méndez Live!: EMP Pop Music Conference this Friday

If there's anything you can say about the Club Fonograma writing staff, it's that we all love each other and support each other in our real lives. On that note, I'd like to plug our own Blanca Mendez, who will be presenting at the EMP Pop Music Conference at New York University's Kimmel Center this Friday from 4-6 pm.

As you may have recently seen on the Colbert Report (embedded below), the EMP Conference is known for its hilariously esoteric presentation titles. And Blanca’s is no different! Entitled "Tijuana Makes Some Noise: Ruidoson as a Response and Resistance to Violence in Baja California's Largest City,” the paper will explore the ruidoson sound, including the cultural and political climate out of which ruidoson was born, and the importance of the genre in moving Tijuana forward musically. It will also include the musings of Tony Gallardo, aka María y José, who of course is a crazy person and should provide the GREATEST INSIGHT EVER.

Anyway, if you live in New York, or will be within a feasible distance of NYU this weekend, try to make it out. There’s nothing Blanca loves more than strangers listen to her talk. And make sure to charge your first post-panel drink on my tab.