MP3: Tony Gallardo II feat. Matilda Manzana – “Vuela Vuela” (Magneto cover)

It’s been almost three months since Tony Gallardo II released his ultra-addictive Líder Juvenil EP, and it already feels as if this project has already acquired more buzz, or at least made more impact within most audiences than what he’s done under his María y José pseudonym. He’s already shared the stage with the likes of Adrianigual and Rebolledo and given a tremendously distinguished performance at this year’s Festival Nrmal.

Gallardo is unstoppable and, this time around, has paired up with Grabaciones Amor labelmate, tropigazer Matilda Manzana, for a hyper-amusing cover of Magneto’s 1991 rendition of Desireless’ “Voyage Voyage,” “Vuela Vuela.” Shooting stars, green laser beams, and traveling technicolor shades of diamonds all take place in this bombastic, heart-on-the-dance floor take of the super cheesy, yet staggering '90s classic. Amplifying on his tech-pop universe, Gallardo takes his natural pop sensibility present all the way with first-class glam production, surprisingly drawing emotiveness and rubbing deep fibers, while substantially inducing motion, conquering both heart and body. On the other hand, Matilda Manzana’s high-pitched, colorful voice and sorrowful singing bring the ideal bittersweet balance to the track. “Vuela, vuela, no te hace falta equipaje,” he affectively chants as his vocals exultantly float in the mix. “Vuela Vuela” is a hit that perhaps many thought we didn’t need to remember, but this pair has made it an essential one, and a pretty nostalgic one as well.

♫♫♫ "Vuela Vuela"