Helado Negro - Island Universe Story One

Island Universe Story One, Helado Negro
Asthmatic Kitty, USA
Rating: 78
by Marty Preciado

The interpretation of music into feelings is subjective. However, in very few instances will a musical piece exert extraordinary elements that will enchant the listener. Brooklyn-based Roberto Lange, better known as Helado Negro, accomplished this with Island Universe Story One, an eight-track EP of impetuous character and meticulous fusion.

As aforementioned, feelings are subject to internal reality. Yet, Helado Negro is able to convey his profound and arduous input into his EP with a result of enchanting songs, allowing one to enjoy and rejoice in every single second of musical balance, a balance that can be described as being trapped in the immense layers of haunting sounds, melodic voice, and synth loops. Perfect equilibrium in kraut electronica, synth pop, and delicate harmonious vocals would be an initial description. Beyond any doubt, a composition which is conducive of Helado Negro’s musical zenith.

A correlation of technicality with sentimental value, though perhaps considered a dichotomy, is achieved with this EP. Lange creates a fusion of musical variances with deeply felt songwriting topped with a conscientious elaboration, a production that is apparent in the attentive musical tailoring of every song. A more powerful attribute to Island Universe Story One is Roberto Lange’s hallmark essence: his voice.

Rarely does one find an introductory track to be a highlight, but "Mamember" is definitely a musical gem, a track hauntingly beautiful, hair-raising, and mesmerizing, evocative of nostalgia through atmospheric synth loops and exquisite drum kicks, all accompanied by Lange’s soothing voice. If the music is not enough, Lange’s introspective lyrics on loop throughout the song (“recuérdate dónde estás”), will definitely get you pondering. An eight-track EP consolidating music and feelings is a difficult task to tackle, much less master. But Roberto Lange has managed to compose a monumental EP filled with enchantment, an overall shivers-down-the-spine listening experience.

Helado Negro - Island Universe Story One - 01 Mamember (Long Largo) by asthmatickitty