Video: Aldo Benítez & Javiera Mena - "Efecto"

As we approach the final months of the year, stellar hits don't appear to stop emerging. This time around via Argentinian promise Aldo Benítez, featuring our favorite and number one Javiera Mena. Under the direction of visual producers Piel (responsible of two astounding Isla de los Estados clips), the video for the lovely “Efecto," showcasing a widescreen movie format, takes advantage of this presentation to exhibit both singers in an enchanting-to-the-eye realization. It almost feels like an extended naive movie sequence, that exalts both performer's attractive looks (take a peek at those inviting shots under the rain). "Efecto," first single off Benítez's second album to be edited in October, Tonelada, is the ideal song to get us pumped about this release. Mena’s collaboration is minimal, but fundamental. The artists’ voice mergence, when it ocurrs, is so gorgeous it’ll turn you into jelly. And, if this is the kind of deluxe pop we’ll taste in Benítez's upcoming record, we’re all ears.