Video: Mueran Humanos - "Culpable"

After dropping what was easily the darkest, goriest, and scariest of our favorite records last year (while also featuring the most commented on cover art since the creation of the blog), Argentine-via-Berlin husband-and-wife duo Mueran Humanos have recently dropped a video for their new track “Culpable” as part of the recent Culpable/Amuleto 7” released through mythical English label Southern Records. Shot in Berlin and directed by Txema Novelo, the young mexican director's latest production carries the same casually contemplative feel that has characterized his work: foregrounding band members in the thick of an unusually captivating setting. Where he had previously aestheticized folk-norteño as a romantic setting on the rooftops of Mexico City, punk as a cynical eye on cosplaying Comic-Con attendees, and post-punk as a purple-hued haunting woodland tableau, Mueran Humanos’ most charming song to date works as a sharply pleasant slice of throbbing electronic pop that’s carried onto the clear skies summer of Berlin’s Soviet War Memorial, a church tower, and Nico’s grave. Finding a groove that’s decidedly a lot more Chilean pop than German industrial, the Argentine duo are exploring some unexpected territories here. And, while the great Mueran Humanos LP occasionally showcased a remarkable knack for pop melody, “Culpable” is where they have finally removed their gorey motifs and utterly embraced their abilities at pure pop bliss. You can also check out the video for grinding B-side "Amuleto" here.