MP3: Los Macuanos - "☠ / ⚑ / ✞ (Sangre, Bandera, Cruz)"

After six nightmarish years, Felipe Calderon’s presidency is finally coming to an end. Still on course (until Enrique Peña Nieto takes over in December; we're doomed anyway), the president’s War on Drugs has developed into one of Mexico’s most brutal periods. Insecurity, paranoia, extreme violence, and thousands of deaths (over 70,000) have been the result of this bloodbath. Fortunately, unlike what was declared in Proceso’s article about “Generación Zoé,” there are artists who are aware and won’t hesitate denouncing their country’s deplorable situation through incisive manifestos. Tijuana’s conscience-awakening ruidosón (or should I say technosón?) prophets Los Macuanos deliver an iconic anthem for the end of this catastrophic era with "☠ / ⚑ / ✞ (Sangre, Bandera, Cruz)," an exorcising track that echoes and pays homage to all of these souls’ voices, victims of an unnecessary war governed by self interests.

Los Macuanos’ ghostly experiments have always been linked to Mexico’s deepest roots. Influences of classic authors like Juan Rulfo to contemporaries like Heriberto Yépez, sharp social critique, political awareness without being scared of defining a conscious posture...all of this fuels and nourishes the contending high art. With "☠ / ⚑ / ✞ (Sangre, Bandera, Cruz),” Los Macuanos have reached an even more elevated level of criticism that could be compared to Sergei Eisenstein’s masterpiece ¡Que Viva México!, it is that honest, inspiring, and true. "Sangre, bandera, cruz" is the mantra of a somber panorama colored in red, one that summarizes a whole population's suffering through daily exposure to corruption, oppression, bloodshed, and shameless social control through manipulated realities via television networks (yeah, mainly Televisa). "Pero a pesar de todo, México está de pie," Calderón claimed in a speech earlier in March. The song takes this quote as a naive announcement as you're losing yourself to its haunted scheme. Then in silence questions, "¿Está de pie?" I don't think we ever were. Los Macuanos, in a mourning, subtle way make it somehow clear, yet leave a small trace of light behind all this darkness for a country's wounded spirit. Download the single HERE.


  1. Indeed, completely unnecessary to root out La Familia Michoacana's deathgrip over Michoacán and reinstate the state's monopoly on power. I wish Calderon could go back and undo this stuff so that Mexico can go back to being a failed state-- that shit was so legit.

    Nevermind the obvious dissonance that is demonstrated on this blog with this article and the song-- keep it up, it looks beautiful. Generación Zoé is and continues to view itself as the standard-bearer for Mexico's intellectual development and still cannot view the fact that even though ALL parties bought votes and were corrupt in the general election, PRI was the only one that made the trips to Creel, Chihuaha; Choix, Sinaloa and other little towns where the people whining about the election are now surprised that they voted (YOU MEAN THE TWITTER POLLS WERENT ACCURATE!?!? I THOUGHT ALL OF MEXICO HAD INTARNEEET) Indeed, the heart of Mexico, those places I mentioned, is where the grand irony of all of this really comes to light:

    Ruidoson's bretheren, Tribal Guarachero, lives and breathes powerfully alongside the Corrido Alterado. They want PRI. They want the cartels out, and they support the Army. Let this be a reminder to you and the Mexican Twitter Left, You are not Mexico, and your condecenscion and elitism doesn't go unnoticed when you drone about as if your view was the default, for it is the Truth and the Way.