Video: Dënver - "De Explosiones y Delitos"

Well, Dënver is back. And they're still awesome. Yawn. Or so you'd say if you were an ungrateful jackass. Two years after delivering the magnificent Música, Gramática, Gimnasia, the Chilean power duo is back in good form with stand-alone single "De Explosiones y Delitos." The guitars glide like they do in those "poppy" Sonic Youth songs, the vocals delightfully "ah" and "oh" without getting too twee, and the track is structured like a damn brick facade. It's less dancey than what we've heard before, but it's definitely more professional, which is more than you can ask for from such a young group. Indeed, if this is just a tease of a new LP, consider me titillated.

The video's quite lovely, too—pretty much as dreamy and romantic as desert roadtrips in an RV get. Like Breaking Bad without the whole meth thing. Although I think we can all agree that this video could totally use more Gus Fring.