Los Blenders - Meta y Dinero

Meta y Dinero, Los Blenders
Independiente, Mexico
Rating: 76
by Enrique Coyotzi

If we could honor Los Blenders right now with a single prize, it would be for Mexico’s most overlooked group. Seriously, these guys are incredible. I don’t quite get why they haven’t exploded yet. Sure, they've only received moderate exposure by some local music magazines and they rarely offer shows in Mexico City, but then again, they recently toured with Las Robertas and Ave Negra in Costa Rica (bless the Internet!). 

What’s wrong, mipster indie rock audience? This is the kind of refreshing surf pop worthy of wider acknowledgement, diffusion, and buzz—the type of ensemble you’d like to see owning Caradura or El Imperial, instead of revisiting I Can Chase Dragons!, Verano Peligroso, or other unconvincing and overhyped national names included in a great portion of Distrito Federal's shows and festivals. 

For better or for worse, Los Blenders don't seem to be seeking mainstream success or a bigger public outside their Internet-reaching niche. The Coapa four-piece has opted to walk small but precise steps with short releases. Following last year's brain-blowing, hysterically euphoric Ah Oh, the happy-go-lucky youngsters quickly come back with Meta y Dinero, a slice of three radiant pieces that remove the destructive guitar noise of its predecessor, substituting it with a chiller attitude, shinier hooks, and a stickier approach (as more recently accomplished in "Yumbinha"), upholding a tail of fierce, carefree adolescence, a feeling of momentary freedom enveloped in less than ten minutes.

What's next for Los Blenders? Hopefully they’ll soon release a proper full-length. In the meantime, I can't wait for the summer to see how Meta y Dinero develops; heat must reveal these grooves' balmy aspects. The title track is a straight sunny season anthem, all packed with LSD and MDMA consumption lyrics. "Surf de Amor," the best song in here, could reasonably turn into a spontaneous visit to the beach for riding the waves while being fucking high (I would do it, with a lover), and "T&T" slaps any of Best Coast's or Wavves' efforts in the face. This is how it's done, guys: genuine and heartfelt rock and roll playero.