MP3: Porter - "Kiosko"

Why isn’t Club Fonograma jumping up and down from excitement about Porter’s reunion? Considering they placed two tracks on our Best Songs of the Decade list (“Espiral” at #11, “Cuervos” at #8) and crafted the third best album of the aughts, I guess we should be thrilled. We are relatively excited, but also cautious, as reunions are not for the faint-hearted. Juan Son’s artistic excursions encountered mixed degrees of success: from the still gorgeous Mermaid Sashimi, to the underwhelming AEIOU debut alongside Blonde Redhead’s Simone Pace. His return to a band formation might just give him the right amount of restraint to balance his wild persona.

As they put the final details to their reunion at this year’s Vive Latino, the band shows they’ve also reconciled at the studio releasing the brand new track, “Kiosko.” The song’s entrance is so polished it’s almost disturbing, and as the song moves on we’re essentially presented with a sentimentally-tailored track that might just be the most commercial piece Porter has ever put out there (it’s seriously ready to score the trailer of a Sundance movie). There’s not a lot of edge in “Kiosko,” but it might just have the right amount of harmony to push the band into recording a proper album –if it’s half as good as Atemahawke, we’ll be happy. Grab the MP3 at the Soundcloud player below.