Mueran Humanos - "El Círculo"

Industrial music is too often perceived as intimidating when it should be embraced as one of the few genres that show awareness of the real, constantly tensed world we live in. If you find warmth in Mueran Humanos’ latest piece “El Círculo,” it doesn’t mean you’re a threat to society, on the contrary, it probably means you’re mindful and putting the mantra into context. Released as a 12’’ vinyl through UK’s Vanity Case, Mueran Humanos (Carmen Burguess and Tomás Nochteff) are quick to establish a menace: “no nos importa nada, creo que pronto vas a entenderlo.” The Argentine act is not implementing elite margins to its audience; that build up of techno progressions make it really obvious they want you to gear up and join them on a passage that will lead to the re-positioning of a socio-political hierarchy (“nacimos para caminar descalzos sobre las cabezas de los reyes.”) Side B of the maxi-single is a 20-minute survey (titled “La Langosta”) of deep textures and dulcet strolls that will reward those searching for a true spacious symphony.