MP3: O Tortuga - "Foránea"

“Urban pop punk and marine flavor from Pantitlán” is the description on newcomers O Tortuga’s Facebook page. Similar to colleagues Los Blenders, O Tortuga is a chill four-piece that also remains like a best kept secret in Mexico, but eventually, is bound to fucking murder it. Despite not owning a Bandcamp or a Soundcloud account yet, two appetizers published on YouTube were exciting enough to get us pumped and to ask drummer Osmar Espinosa for their outstanding first single, still in demo form. And it’s ferociously catchy. One second in you’ll find yourself absorbed, wildly nodding your head, perhaps wanting to smash something. But it comes as something natural—pungent, full-bloodied energy, such as the one found in Las Ardillas' or Los Vigilantes' hardest smashers, inevitably fuels the listener into frantic agitation that tastes like coconut bubblegum. Assembled with buddies Ave Negra and Los Blenders, O Tortuga appears to finally give birth to a new fraternal, lo-fi, garage punk sacred triforce.

♫♫♫ "Foránea" | Facebook