Sudakistan - "Dale Gas"

PNKSLM is releasing the first physical reference (a 7’’ vinyl) from Stockholm-based Sudamerican rockers, Sudakistan. We applauded the band’s first single “El Movimiento” as an anthem that “deliberately cruised through lo-fi and Latin heritage” and eventually immersed us into an “abrasive delirium.” The band is ready for continuum and is releasing the hard-hitting, sound wall-demolishing piece, “Dale Gas.” The track starts with distanced riffs that seem to survey a soundscape. Once the band flirts back with some bells, everything is in place for a noisy ride that will urge you to push that gas pedal. There must be something about living in the old world (see: Mueran Humanos) that makes Latin rockers just a little more intense than the rest of us. "Dale Gas" is as intense in its journey as it is in its release. I don’t think we’ve heard something as robust and hyperbolic since Mockinpott’s “Vitiligio.” About time.