El Sueño de la Casa Propia - "Caen Rocas"

A little less than 3 years after El Sueño de la Casa Propia’s Historial de Caídas earned its spot among South America’s most unique, catchy, and flat out weirdo recent electronic releases, José Manuel Cerda returns with an advance from his upcoming EP, Doble Ola. It starts with nothing but one of his signature chopped down vocal loops, predictably serving as the track’s central hook, which, for die hard fans, is a relief. Cerda is picking things up right where he left off. It also immediately raises the following question: As much as it’s reassuring to see an artist sticking to his aesthetic, wouldn't you want to see them surpass it as well? It’s precisely what Cerda does here. Once he satiates the pop fan in us with enough sampledelia and vocal hooks, he completely changes the lighting into full-on dance floor rapture mode for the track’s second half. It’s a thrilling exercise in sheer experimentation and aesthetic expansion, but an even more elegant one in deceiving your own listeners. As far as we knew of Cerda’s abilities as a thief (one who could get away with sampling the history of pop), we certainly didn’t know he could do the work of a con artist too. Doble Ola is out on April 23 via blog favorites Michita Rex.