Husky - "Undressed"

Listening to the vertiginous “Undressed” released a week ago, I understand why I became enamored with this Monterrey-Based quintet. Recorded when the guys were experimenting, still searching for a distinct sound, the B-side type of track exalts character and vibrancy. Yet, Husky’s sly way of sublimating '80s influences, exploiting vaguely familiar airs that are squatting in the dark corners of our mental hard drive, is somewhat dismissed in favor of textures and sound effects. Shrouded by echo, “Undressed” reveals an unprecedented level of dramatic tension through nervous rhythmic, incisive electric guitars and powerful interpretation. We must still acknowledge the singularity of Husky, alongside today’s current, has found a niche, a sound in which they excel: a bubblegum rock charged with bold urgency.