Video: Becky G - "Becky from the Block"

Half of the YouTube comments for the "Becky from the Block" video mention Britney Spears. ("Britney sent me!") And that's how I got there. When Ms. Spears tweeted the video yesterday, with the hashtag #throwback and the promise of a cameo by Jenny from the Block herself, how could I not click through? Set in sunny Los Angeles, Becky G's spin on the J.Lo classic is slick as it is endearing, clever as it is cute. Califas pride, family values, and high aspirations are the main topics of conversation in Becky's rated-G rap (highlights: giving props to her grandpa and rhyming "barrio" with "rosario"), and it looks like we might have a new teen queen on our hands. Now that Selena Gomez is retiring the crown, Becky G, who coincidentally shares Selena's middle and last names, seems poised to take that role. She started as a YouTube rapper (check out her version of "Otis" from the @iambeckyg mixtape) and has already worked with stars like Cher Lloyd,, and Ke$ha, so we'd say she's well on her way. And with her Latina pride and down-to-earth persona (not to mention her dope Virgen de Guadalupe gear), we're not mad at all.