Dënver - "Revista de gimnasia"

It’s finally happening. And, as expected, it’s beautiful. Almost three years after releasing their monumental sophomore album, Música, Gramática, Gimnasia, the continually-growing Chilean darlings Dënver unveiled yesterday “Revista de gimnasia,” first single off their upcoming album, Fuera de campo, which is tentatively slated for June.

Encountering the duo in full-form inside a kaleidoscopic disco music realm, “Revista de gimnasia” is HUGE. Charged by rich instrumentation, it makes them sound like an even bigger creature. Mastermind Milton Mahan, leading a mellow, impossible-not-to-fall-for naïf tone, assumes the protagonist vocal role, while Mariana Montenegro’s gentle interventions emerge to reinforce her male counterpart's caressing cadence, sprinkling an androgynous tessitura structured by seducing hooks. In such carefully executed strings and wind arrangements, this song’s splendor comes in part thanks to the twenty professional musicians which, according to Super 45, were recruited for the album.

Nonetheless, its most remarkable charm is in Mahan’s lustrous production. At first listen, one would’ve imagined that super producer Cristian Heyne was behind it. But no other than Mahan, an expanding visionary, took care of this track and of the whole LP. In "Revista de gimnasia," acrobatics and gymnastics blend and stretch out in almost four minutes of flawless lyrically oneiric ("Un chico que explota/En medio de la cancha/Y apenas lo notas/Hay trozos por tu espalda"), effervescent pop ready for a flashing dancefloor. It's bound to make you feel psyched out, unconcerned, and, primarily, alive.