Matias Aguayo - "El Sucu Tucu"

Matias Aguayo is back, yo. The product of five years of recording and a good deal of traveling, the Chilean-born, Cologne-based DJ-slash-producer's third album, The Visitor, drops June 24th on his own label, Cómeme. In the interim, though, we have “El Sucu Tucu,” the album’s first single, to tide us over. And tide us it shall.

Backed by a Mission Impossible-ish beat that melds with computer-generated samba drums, Aguayo shouts out Daniel Maloso, a collaborator on The Visitor, and then layers his vocals on as another percussive element, scatting and stuttering about how crazy and great the rhythm is. And he’s absolutely right. This is Aguayo at his finest—lightly tropical, bass-heavy, pleasantly repetitive, and just the right amount of nonsensical—a natural follow-up to 2009’s superb Ay Ay Ay. "El Sucu Tucu" is damn catchy, and begs for repeated listening, and, of course, dancing.