Video: Capullo - "Déjame Vivir" (Juan Gabriel y Rocío Dúrcal Cover)

No one is immune to Capullo’s 8-bit multidimensional keyboard pop. Their take on the “Déjame Vivir,” one of the most memorable episodes of the Juan Gabriel and Rocío Dúrcal saga, is exceptionally refreshing to our inherited nostalgia of Televisa-filled afternoons. And I mean inherited nostalgia because although most of us were toddlers during the first wave of the Juanga and Rocío romance, our moms made sure to ingrain in all of us the melodramatic, fictional relationship between the biggest stars of the time. The sounds and VHS-ripped images of this clip function just like our favorite GIF images, entangling you into an endless repetitive cycle. Capullo’s rendition of the song is somewhat faithful to the original during its first half, but it’s in its second half that Capullo releases its arsenal of synth pop, super-charging the dramatic classic with tropical virtuosity, triumphantly avoiding parody along the way.