Video + MP3: Tunacola - "Guachita"

“Oh is that still going on?” said my twin brother after I told him I was listening to a new cool band from Chile. Not that Chilean pop isn’t infallible. A few times a week we get emails with getter subjects such as “Meet the latest act from Chile!” Not a bad marketing move to capitalize from something that’s proven to export a couple of dozen acts in a big way. Which is why when approaching a virtual unknown band like Tunacola, there’s a suspension of disbelief to take care of. Their single “Guachita” is all they need to uphold any association with what their compatriots are doing. Because at the end of the day, it’s that beautiful, solemn, and grand entrance that makes you want to keep listening. Like the narrative of the video, one wishes the band would've taken that entrance to a different climax (or perhaps not offer a climax at all), but the descending lush of it all still adds up to something memorable. Off their forthcoming album Todos los Veranos del Mundo (via Endemika Records), “Guachita” is like blending the topics of Doble Platina’s “Musica para cerrar las discotecas” and recruiting Dan Bejar to orchestrate a 5AM sunrise. Download the MP3 via Soundcloud.