Video: Mamacita - "No Eres Tu"

The above statement, while hilarious, is all kinds of disturbing when you think about it. Between "Happy," Pitbull's Mundial anthem, and the four or five Romeo Santos songs on FM rotation things are looking bad, people.

Enter Mamacita- resurrecting what was once and still is an essential dance hit within the chilean pop catalogue. Yes, many of us were on this since 2011, and yes, the original's cassette-fi vibes still hold up, but even back then we knew this was a song for the people. Now, as Frankie Knuckles (RIP) and Chicago House are coming to be appreciated in a completely different way, "No eres tú" is also ripe for re-discovery.

Framed in the grand tradition of this could be us but you playin' videos, Mamacita spends time with the bae and amuses herself dancing alone at night. But the clip (Directed by Ce Pams) isn't out to show pop music affecting its surroundings and characters in some lame and precious way, rather, pop can be corrupted, seduced by neon lights and shadows. Face it, we all needed this. Order the vinyl via Kompakt.