Video: Da Souza - "Sense dir res"

From their debut album Flors i Violència (Famèlic Records), Da Souza present this totally hilarious video for “Sense dir res,” one of the new songs in an album that also includes the four tracks of their very first cassette EP. Native to Mallorca but based in Barcelona, Da Souza sound like California. They scream and shout, they contain the songs and then let them explode. Even if the lyrics may seem a little bit cryptic, they're always very playful and frisky as we see in this video helmed by Coopèrnic, a catalan video cooperative that has already worked with Esperit!, Betunizer, Ocellot and many other bands of the underground catalan musical scene. With two members of Beach Beach (seen performing as the band in the back, along with Kana Kapila’s drummer), Da Souza were one of the great surprises from last year and they are currently playing in almost every festival around Catalunya. Their album sounds very fresh and reminds us of American bands like No Age or Japandroids, but also of local beloved acts like L’Hereu Escampa or even Cuello. Soft guitar melodies, scratchy voices and energetic drums with a little epic taste that is what they do, and they do it well.