Nelson y Los Filisteos - "2000"

Nelson y Los Filisteos (FKA Baby Nelson & The Philistines) left us scarred for life with an 80-second clip on last year’s “Ansiosos/Ociosos.” That image of a man being suffocated and gored with a pair scissors at the time seemed impossible to top. Now we know that for the DF-via-Guadalajara band, it was just the beginning.

Newest track “2000” continues the group’s hyper violent vision of the future and should probably come with about five trigger warnings. The threat now isn’t from an outsider as we saw in “Ansiosos/Ociosos”, this time it’s from within. Rabid guitars flood the composition while Alonso Mangosta sings on paranoia (“Soy la mirada de aburrida de tu novia”), self-doubt (“Soy lo que dicen detrás de ti tus amigos”), and anxiety (“Soy los fantasmas que en tus sueños se amontonan”). What’s especially sick is how this terror manifests itself as a 21st century masochism, catalyzed by technology and convenience. The only resolution to aspire towards is that once the demons are poured out, they can at least become like family (“Soy lo único que siempre estará contigo / Por siempre / Para siempre”). Emoji, sad faces. And yet, we're still listening.