Papaya - "Cosas Fascinantes y Sencillas"

I stumbled across this really cool track on Madrid-based label Jabalina Música's YouTube page and, of course, I’m a bit angry with myself for sleeping on Papaya’s previous EP El Rey de las Camas. There’s an enigmatic depth to the project lead by Yanara Espinoza (member of Violeta Vil) that makes their music very cinematographic. “Cosas Fascinantes y Sencillas,” is a tale of someone who’s done with wanting to feel that elusive spark. The first single off Papaya’s upcoming album No Me Quiero Enamorar (out on October 16th) sits at the intersection of surf mysticism, Italo-western flamboyance and arty ’80s British New Wave. The amplified space around Espinoza’s androgynous timbre transforms the singer into an actress. Her voice draws the outlines of a territory balanced between concomitant universes.