Video: Lola Pistola - "Tu Pensabas"

Months after releasing her only (official) track and touring the US with AJ Davila T/A, Lola Pistola returns with a video for "Tu Pensabas." Shot in and outside her apartment in Bushwick, NYC and produced by the Sea Smoke collective, the clip takes on the form of a psychological thriller. Armed with a t-shirt bearing the words “Life is Hell,” a 40 and a face marked by spite, disillusioned love and an irresistible desire to kill, Lola Pistola leads us into a muted color fresco where passion becomes unbearable, affection turns into anger, and confusion is made easy by sadness. 

While the gloomy image sequence exacerbates suspense through ambiguity, Pistola’s description of her desire to face and transcend her anger and loneliness to (re)discover her own self empowers and oddly allays all fear – leaving us ready for another heartbreak.