Video: Carla Morrison - "Un Beso"

Going through our blog receipts, the last time Carla Morrison was mentioned around these parts was 2012. It was in that year that writer #PincheAndrew declared Déjenme Llorar a “disappointingly straightforward” record. Too tame for a double take, it seemed inevitable that she would disappear from our radar. Still, that shouldn’t suggest we were ever completely through with her.

Newest single “Un beso” is an exciting step forward. A change of scenery that delves into the dark corners that inspire longing and confusion and also make for some pretty great material. “Yo te voy a robar, te voy a secuestrar, yo te voy a robar un beso.” Damn. We really are a long way from “Compartir” now. Once presented in only the most stripped-down package (a guitar, her voice), Carla now requires reinforcements by way of horns and clattering drums. This kind of sensual, atmospheric turn also brings to mind highlights from Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence, which in 2015 hopefully counts as a compliment.

Then there’s the video. A leftover treatment from an unknown 90’s alternative band. Carla and a partner flail around against black and white while quick zooms add to the drama. The results really just give the visual an automatic expiration date. And yet, if anything, it will also serve to highlight the song’s own strength. Like Carla’s best work, it never requires a showy or slick presentation, just an honest listen.