Video: Adrianigual - “Nunca vienes a mi casa”

Easily one of the best comebacks of this year, “Nunca vienes a mi casa” is the result of a long apprenticeship but also of a certain experience. Diego Adrián, the man behind Adrianigual, was busy producing for others, DJing, collaborating (Planta Carnívora and others), working on Terry Unplugged (his techno project) and, of course, songwriting. The first cut from the forthcoming album Rap y Amor, which was co-produced by MKRNI’s own Marcelo Miopec, reveals a beautiful fragility and a newfound ability to diversify his emotional range while arraying a more classic Chicago house sound and some legit, straightforward and well-placed grooves. Adrián sings about acceptance and rejection, the erosion of self-esteem and ability to love in a clashing yet effective voice.

Throughout the video, directed by multidisciplinary artist Begoña Ortúzar, we follow a rather flustered Adrianigual making his way into a gloomy country road. With every step he drifts into darkness, blurring the lines between predator and prey. The Santiaguino ultimately unleashes his finest dance moves, leaving us spellbound by his flair to tell the innermost secrets of human condition and express emotions through movement.

Adrianigual will be releasing his album next March through Enciclopedia Color.