Coral Casino - "Kendall Jenner"

Argentine vapor/chillwave/synth entrepreneurs Coral Casino released the very intriguing $lytherin mixtape early this year with little to no attention from the blogs. And in all honesty, how many of you would be willing to sponsor a work titled after the evil house at Hogwarts. Lara Artesi and Roque Ferrarri have followed that mixtape with a bolder and less unapologetic pop referencing in the beautifully crafted track, "Kendall Jenner." You may accuse the Kardashians of doing more evil than the fictitious stamp of Slytherin, but Kendall is undeniably the most glamorous out of the bunch? Also, don't miss out on that "Kim Kardashian" track by Emilio José. Faithful to their premise of presenting a "fragrance" over musical pedigree, "Kendall Jenner" feels like it's been airbrushed and decoded into a coming-of-age romance. It also sounds like a missing track from Justin BIeber's Purpose, and that's a compliment by all means. Download the mp3 of the track on the Soundcloud player below.