Mahmundi - "Eterno Verão"

Marcela Vale aka Mahmundi is back. For anyone unfamiliar, the Brazilian artist first became to known us in 2013 as a rising talent with a promising, eclectic career. She returns now with a striking pose against a sky blue backdrop. The image is an LP sleeve waiting to happen. It also suggests a new level of craftsmanship that favors cleaner, bigger sounds to the more condensed production found on her Setembro EP.

On "Eterno Verão", we hear real instruments (pianos, guitars) matched perfectly to Mahmundi's disarming voice. There is a call to find an ideal ("Nesse verão que nunca tem fim"), but knows that pure nostalgia is not the way. Mahmundi wants to hone in on more affecting melodies. Her vocalizing signals a shift between the feel-good pianos to nighttime passion. In any language or season, it still translates as a beautiful track.