Turning Torso - Adinkra

I'll just say now what I never got to say last year: David Sánchez aka Turning Torso is a genius. The fact that his releases rarely conform to our pop sphere of coverage should not discount his efforts anymore. Algidus, 2014’s most underrated experimental album, should've put him on the map next to whatever else we were talking about then (Arca and ?). Yet unlike what other high-profile electronic acts expect from the listener, Turning Torso’s work never reaches an exhaustive point, on the contrary, it maintains a spellbinding quality. A rare feat from compositions that rely purely on spontaneity and repetition to reach their potential.

On Adinkra, Sánchez digs deep on three tracks to test his own penchant for repetition. Standout track “Iris” shows how simplicity in music is still an illusion, hidden beneath there is always an elaborate scheme. This microscopic impression is rewarding in how it can feel unique and familiar all at once, there are traces of dance music and in the far distance even guitars. Elsewhere it seems Sánchez has consolidated all of his previous styles into a seamless, calming delivery. Not even the six-minute plus runtimes deter from the experience. By now Turning Torso has surpassed the mere prolific tag, which can make an entry point into his vast soundscapes difficult to calculate. Adinkra not only provides this entry point, it makes for another stellar release from the Queretaro producer.