Video: Ela Minus - "Kiddo"

With a spot on Festival NRMAL's 2016 lineup and her inclusion on Ornamento Inútil (vol. 26 of el amarillo's compilation series), it was only a matter of time for Ela Minus to appear on our radar. Gabriela Jimeno, the voice behind the project, communicates in a special diminutive. "Kiddo", taken from the forthcoming First Words EP, delivers glacial textures and ornamental beats. The Colombian singer even expands her palette with English lyrics. Sure the vocals may be chirpy, but don’t confuse it as too delicate. Gabriela’s delivery is hyper, dead set on convincing us to follow our hearts ( “even when it hurts”).

Ela Minus’ First Words EP drops December 11 and is produced by Andrés Nusser (Astro).