Pesi The Mixtape, PESI
Independiente, Spain
Rating: 75
by Giovanni Guillén

Recently our blogger friends at Tacón De Oro have jokingly (but kind of seriously) become ambassadors for Spain’s influx of rappers, producers, reggaetoneros and trap artists (the biggest being PXXR GVNG along with all associated acts). Our own coverage has been limited to the party anthems, distancing ourselves from the flow of single after single from their expanding repertoire. As we approach the end of the year that output has become daunting. We don’t even know where to start.

PESI is not a singular project but a collective effort. Leading the brand is El Mini aka Moisturisin Mini aka Boyito K.R.E.A.M. (there might be more, we’ve lost count). 2015 has been a bit of a breakout year for El Mini thanks to his features and standalone singles. The most notable contribution from the Spanish artist came this summer with “Tacón de oro”, the glittery highlight from the Joseo De Oro compilation sponsored by the aforementioned Mexican blog. In seizing the titular inspo, El Mini imagined himself as a nini caught in a classic scenario of falling for a girl out of his league. It was this move that instantly helped us place him as a main character behind the PESI brand.

PESI THE MIXTAPE opens with an insane vocaloid performance from female MC Zowie. The production from Steve Lean charges with aggressive bass, which Zowie exploits to a full degree as she stunts over her own sexual prowess. The bars are nothing special, but Zowie comes in as an opener ready to rile up an impatient crowd. Especially those wanting to fight everyone before the actual show starts. Next we hear “No tengo nada”, a straightforward but stellar exercise in trap. The song is credited to Los Zafiro$, a Madrid-based duo of Dominican and Cuban origins who’ve carved out their own lane both as rappers (see: “Los Santos Me Acompañan”) and reggaetón artists (see: Gipsy Lovers).

Boyito K.R.E.A.M.’s “Blue” blends a Kingdom Hearts sample for a Sad Boy moment. While not necessarily a bad track, it still gets an eye-roll for being as unremarkable as a Tumblr feed full of Yung Lean and Arizona Tea gifs. In a mixtape bursting with fresh talent and energy, slow songs feel extra. This misstep does little to dispel the other highlights featuring Boyito. He assists with Zowie’s return on “No Money Makes Money” where both shine as if blessed with the chrome Midas touch of BFlecha. Interpolating the line “De lunes a lunes, ganja y autotune...” the pair already sound past a mere meteoric season. They’re ready to get higher, You know you at the top when only heaven's right above it-higher. In the end, this mood is what gives value to PESI THE MIXTAPE. Here we find a group of artists on the eve of something huge, and even these initial efforts are worth paying attention to.