Ela Minus - "Volcán"

Photo by Carmen Triana
Fresh off the release of her First Words EP, Ela Minus is already back with an upcoming extended play titled Grow. In a statement to The FADER, singer Gabriela Jimeno referred to her recording approach as finding a balance “between a new aggressiveness and anger that I was feeling and the (apparently unavoidable) childish sound of my voice.”

On the single “Volcán,” Ela Minus taps into this passion but resists letting it consume her. She begins coyly, approaching us with the curiosity of Disney’s Ariel. Her sonic palette gradually brightens and in no time extends an invitation to dance: “A bailar como si hubiera lava / bajo tus pies.” The words come out elated, gliding and tripping over precious beats and pounding drums. With this, Ela Minus proves she is a newcomer with still many surprises up her sleeve.

The Grow EP will be released March 4, and is once again co-produced by Andrés Nusser (Astro).