Extraperlo - “Chill Aquí”

When talking about tropicalia-pop band from Spain Extraperlo, we always come to the point of citing them as one of the few bands that with each release expands their own palette. As our dear Pierre once mentioned, "they’ve succeeded at admirably looking for new ways to conjure leisure-evoking melodical opulence, afrobeat-inspired guitar licks, and 80’s pad beats into truly stuttering internet-era pop songs."

With their third album upon us, "Chill Aquí" comes as a beachy and heavy-lidded respite from the anxious and comparatively busy production on their 2012 breakthrough, Delirio Específico. It’s more of their seemingly tossed-off guitar balladry, stretched-out and warbled, just more of the Extraperlo who wants to love you tender. To that end, the title track is pretty much the platonic idea of the current era, an exploration of the always tough task of decisión making and insecurities laid out on top of a slowly unspooling guitar line.

Chill Aquí drops February 5 via CANADA Editorial