Video: Tomasa Del Real feat. Talisto - “Tu Señora"

Pay attention. Tomasa Del Real is reggaetón’s new star, moving between the digital underground and her current sights on the global stage. She already hangs with national stars Adrianigual and has lent her voice to promote Spain’s up-and-comers La Mafia Del Amor. The Iquique-native has also been consistent in branding her own music with a ferocity that empowers. “Diente De Oro,” a past entry included on Joseo De Oro compilation, is as vitalic as anything else from the roster of future reggaetón players (that means you, J Balvin).

In a Valentine’s Day surprise, Tomasa Del Real dropped her latest video for the single “Tu Señora.” A collaboration with Talisto, the song is pure Ice Age reggaetón. Writer Zé Garcia coined this term imagining the caribbean frozen over. What would it sound like? A trifecta was later identified: "P'al piso," "Vernáculo," and "Supongo." “Tu Señora” doesn’t charge at us with that kind of intensity, but its glacial chemistry is its most memorable property. The video, from Enciclopedia Color, frames the two characters on opposite ends of the earth- Sweden and Chile. The desolate panorama allows the performance of needing someone to feel sincere. Do I even have to say it? Instant hit.