Video: Maluca - "MALA"

"I have had self esteem issues for many years and now that I'm in my 30s I'm just really fucking feeling myself," Maluca confessed to V Magazine earlier this year: "I wrote ["MALA"] as a way to highlight all the negative things people told me about myself...and embraced them."

"MALA" is resourceful (it doesn't even clock in at 3 minutes), wasting no time in transporting us to an air conditioned tropical atmosphere that is hazy & wet. It is her biggest moment since her #winning collaborations with Future Brown & Robyn. Maluca manages to sound both silky and robotic: "me llaman loca pero así te gusta...con pelo suelto como una bruja." Visually speaking, Maluca looks possessed yet in total control atop her 21st Century throne- massage chairs are the new "THRONES" apparently.

Maluca doesn't just work the straightforward beauty angle- alien-like skin tighteners(?) uncomfortably pull & stretch the skin on her face. Maluca has a taste for the malformed. She is also going for that coveted dewy look (post sex, early morning). She's RLY feeling herself and loving it: "2016 is all about self care. Being good to yourself is fucking cool." Maluca warned us: she be that M A L A.

by Sebby Ramirez