Video: Memo - "Que Es Lo Que Siento"

Two years after the release of his debut solo LP, material. – and several months following the launch of his dance <3 EP under his Cheap Talk moniker as well as the ambient/drone Use Your Delusion I and II under Cristo plus the online posting of his take on the overplayed “Hotline Bling” (a reconstruction by memory!) – the prolific and unpredictable Memo Guerra is back as Memo, his songwriter alias. “Que Es Lo Que Siento,” first single off of his upcoming album Moon Phase, is a strong and coherent amalgam of little bit of all Guerra’s influences and exposes his openness and impressive musical background. With its lush arrangements, “QELQS” goes much deeper than a gratifying accessibility. Built on a progressive musical structure and layers of synths, Memo throws in Wurlitzer, programming, bass, guitars, oscillator and samples. The distorted, skipping and hypnotically driving track makes for an overstimulating sensorial experience. Memo is broadening the spectrum of technique, pushing the limits of the instrument and favoring a profusion of ideas and sonic textures. Singing “Que es lo que siento. Cando es un incendio. Voy desvaneciendo. Que es lo que siento, desapareciendo,” Memo raises lucid questions about the mechanical and the limits of love, while causing us to become aware of our own wave-particle nature. The all-in-glitch-video, designed by Logan Owlbeemoth and shot by Akkia Neko, draws on that same altered-textured aesthetic revealing Memo and his pasito de baile in a surreal pixelated landscape. The result is quite enthralling!

Moon Phase will be released February 6, via Abstrakt Muzak.