Artist of The Week: Iluminate

Artist: Iluminate
Country: Argentina
Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap/ Urban

Argentina is recognized like the country with greater production of rock artists in Latin America, until the point to turn to the other music generes in minority participants of the industry of that country. And if we spoke of Hip Hop, we are speaking, perhaps, of the cinderella of gaucha music, due to the little space of commercial diffusion that it is been offer to it, in spite of Hip Hop have given to the continent artists like Ilya Kuryaki and the Valderramas (Later Dante, as soloist), and to the Sindicato Argentino del Hip Hop. For that reason it surprises when an Hip Hop band is made notice like it are making the boys of Iluminate, who with their second album are confirming why the critics had acclaimed it’s first album, until the point to assert that they redefined the argentine sound of Hip Hop. In “Luminareas” beats originating from Reggae, Samba, Funk, Jazz and Pop and a continuous flirt to national rock matches to some effective rap lyrics. Their first single is “Ventanas al mañana” made in company of the Reggae band Los Cafres.

This is an intermediate post. Soon, we will continue with the list of the best songs of 2008, Vol. 2

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