Hoy a las Ocho, Hello Seahorse!

Hello Seahorse! México

by: Carlos Reyes

Mexico has been for too long the biggest importer of crappy pop in Latin America. You may have heard about the end of RBD, that musical cancer that invaded radio and television for four years too long. Unlike the profitable business of the bubble-gum group, an explosion of independent music has emerged a line of clever musicians imposing pop as a norm of self expression. Hello Seahorse! is a Mexico City quartet working with similar themes and production adornments as The New Pornographers, but a lot sweeter. If you fell in love with the fused pop of Ximena Sariñana or Jovenes y Sexys as we did, this is an obligated listen.

Two years ago the group released their debut album …And the Jellyfish Parade, which was barely a rough draft of what they are able to achieve with their latest Hoy a las Ocho which is vastly superior on all levels. Vocalist "Vanil’ la face" switches her multifaceted and multicolored voice from English to Spanish as the minimalist band catches and synchronizes harmonies, jingles and melodies. The album displays synthetic currents from the Swedish pop in the 90’s while maintaining its modern appeal. The title of the production refers to the time they meet everyday to practice their music. The album itself is feels like an invitation to their music. Hello Seahorse! shares much of the exciting pop with Quiero Club, another worthy indie act to follow.

Throughout the production we can actually feel textures through the atmospheric backgrounds such as the aquatic waves that serve as connecting tissue throughout the switches of language and styles. “Won’t Say Anything” is the lead track: “I bite my nails even when I’m asleep, I can’t believe I swallowed the city.” Which immediately reminded me of an also fresh and very catchy act from England: Los Campesinos? It’s a piano based song that showcases their melodic abilities with the catchiest of pure pop. While songs such as “Ok Lobster” and “Esperando que llegue” cycle around happy pop and post-jazz. Their sweet sound feels like a very bright round trip to Sugarland. The very best track from the album is titled “No encontre nada”, about those unlucky journeys we do in life trying to find at least something meaningful.

Interlude: this is the best description of the album posted on the blog from Spain Es Pop Mama.

"Porque la música pop no solo habla de pegarle fuego a las cosas, y cuesta muy poquito darle pinceladas color naranja a las pupilas, a base de vibraciones sonoras que conectan los oídos con el centro tarareador del cerebro directamente por autopista de 3 carriles".

Hoy a las Ocho is a seven track EP that is actually not for sale. They have decided to giveaway their album for free, but with a password that can only be obtained at one of their concerts. Or at least that was the initial plan, due to the high demand and the attention they posted a temporary code and we have it for you.

Go to this website: www.helloseahorse.com
Type the following code: HSHAL8BEAT

Enjoy this exceptional album, if the download doesn't automatically prompt, just click on the "Si no se baja automaticamente haz click AQUI."

Numeric Rating: 91/100

Key Tracks: "Won't Say Anything", "Esperando a que llegue" and "No Encontre Nada."