Artist of the Week: Puerto Candelaria

Artist: Puerto Candelaria
Country: Colombia
Genre: Jazz/ Folk

Puerto Candelaria is the most important jazz group from Colombia nowadays, mainly because of the creativity that they have imposed on their musical work, where you can hear Andean and Caribbean sounds mixed with jazz. These young people have released 3 albums so far: "Kolombian Jazz" (2002), "Majagua" (2004), and "Llegó la Banda" (2006), the most vibrant record, that has catapulted them to important scenarios of Europe and Latin America, where it currently are introducing his "Vuelta Canela Tour 2008".

Last June, Puerto Candelaria presented a live show entitled "Puerto Sinfónico", where they played their new compositions with symphonic arrangements performed alongside the Orchestra of EAFIT University of Medellin, an institution where the group originated. We don’t know if they will release that concert on an album, but they should really do it because it was simply great. In their myspace you can enjoy some of the songs from that live concert, and also the best songs from their previous albums. All the songs there are amazing, but I especially recommend "Vuelta Canela Sinfónica" and "Llegó la banda". Puerto Candelaria, colombian music solutions.