Que Lloren, Calle 13

In a previous post I mentioned that I hoped Calle 13 wouldn't loose its explicit and direct commentary, they didn't. The track "Que Lloren" made such a big impact during a pre-release press conference and it was leaked a few days ago. Journals around the country commented on a song that criticized Ivy Queen's lousy and childish attitude, truth is, "Que lloren" is so much more than that. We're talking about a direct attack on plastic music, on the manufactured products around and especially those reggaetoneros hating on Residente and Visitante for damaging the urban genre. We can already see so many people in the business crying, so much that rivers would come up here and there, our prayers towards "Rio" by Aterciopelados were heard.

The most striking line in the song is Residente defining what's Urban. "La musica urbana se trata de respeto, se trata de quien escribiendo domina mejor el alfabeto. Yo estoy dispuesto a dar un mensaje aunque me maten a patadas, estoy dispuesto a aguantar cuatro derechazos en la quijada, se trata de que Calle 13 es musica urbana en una encrucijada, se trata de que cada rima que haga queda inmortalizada." Not only is it fucking amazing in lyrics, but Visitante's music as usual is astonishing. Holy shit, Calle 13 are not slaves of the industry and are defenately not going in the same direction as the waves of insignificant music.

This is one of, if not the best track I've heard this year. Speechless... bow down. Los de atras vienen conmigo drops October 14, 2007.