Greatest Hits, Acida

GREATEST HITS Acida, Argentina

by Carlos Reyes

Throughout the years we’ve been following the work by Tweety Gonzalez as a producer, which we found eclectic and wonderful. Greatest Hits is a compilation album that makes us realize he is also talented on record. Acida is formed back in 1999; a two-piece act by Gonzalez and his wife Alina Gandini, now celebrating their first decade together compile an album that will probably serve more as a presentation than a hits album. The album is an enjoyable ride of electro waves, sometimes soulful and obscure but always elegant and splendidly glossy.

Greatest Hits is an album full of transitions, the kind of album that would serve perfectly as a soundtrack for any roadtrip movie. It follows the idea of inter traveling, and unlike so many quirky pretentious motion pictures Acida knows when to stop and when to get back on the road. Just like any roadtrip, we meet some very familiar voices along the way, with guest collaborations from the great Gustavo Cerati, Dante Spinetta (Illya Kuriyaki & The Valderramas) and an outstanding lineup of instrumentalists, including the wonderful MCs that contributed with remixes.

The album is above all a joyful and eclectic encounter of many genres, from bossa nova to electro and waves of traditional music, always working together to shine but keeping a certain mystery and therefore becoming an unexpected experience. Right from my first listen the track “Burbank” stands out for many reasons but especially because it almost feels like a bipolar session. The music and lyrics seem to be working separately but keeping an unconscious connection that naturally finds them and makes them correlate.

For those first-time listeners of Acida (including me), we’ll find “La vida real” to be a treat. “Lo que hay es lo que queda, lo que ves es lo que viste.” A song about the search for the divine truth, a tough task to even think of, but while also listening to Groove and nostalgic arrangements it immediately gets easier. As of now, Greatest Hits is an only digital-release from Sonic 360 and is available on iTunes.

Numeric Rating: 81/100